EDM Sub-Genre Greatness!

“Anyone with a laptop can make music.”

This is true. ANYONE with a PHONE can make music, too. So many phone applications for recording/mixing are available in the google or apple store; FREE ones. Making music (edm) can be as easy as click, drag and drop. Will it be GOOD music? Well that is subject to opinion, but it more than likely isn’t that good. Art takes time (keep trying and learning!) Generally this craft is more appealing when the creators have some kind of musical background outside of the the computer.Laptop

In the surge of music producers dominating Soundcloud there are a few artists that are making more unique or classy tunes using EDM, hip hop or RnB styles as a foundation of their creations. Honestly the producers and musicians in this vein of music are a dime a dozen; I have my favorites (Lophiile… Kozmo… Knife Party/Pendulum or Infected Mushroom to name aBass guitar Stand-up Bass few.)

Once you get a bit deeper into the computer generated music sub-genres you’ll have some seriously interesting finds. Caravan Palace is one of the most dance-able acts I’ve found. This music is called “Electro-Swing.” Caravan Palace combines Electro-Swing with Gypsy Jazz and old style singing/mixing. Granted, a lot of the recordings are done with synths and drum-pads… most of what you’ll hear is a real musician.

The main vocalist uses two microphones. One with an old-timey mix and one with a more modern or live sound. The Violin, guitar, bass and key players all support her with backup vocals. It is seriously one of the coolest shows I’ve seen. (bring your dancing shoes)

Ever since I’ve discovered this band a good 4 years ago I’ve been SCROUNGING the internet for similar music. Similar in that I wanted EDM blended with sub-genres that was ALSO played by real musicians. Caravan Palace, unfortunately, is one of the best in their respective genre. There are a few others that are still worth mentioning, however. Parov Stelar. The Correspondents. Etc etc.

The whole subculture of the 1930-1940’s swing revival is thriving and is one of the most exciting things to be happening. In fact, something I find to be interesting is that in the 90’s we saw some big band/swing brass bands come up and jam on the radio. Bands like Cherry Poppin’ Daddy’s and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy had their run but that scene didn’t last forever. Here it is again. Swing is coincidentally… swinging back into our culture again and again. It won’t stay, like everything… but I don’t doubt it’ll be back again.

I can’t stop dancing.


-Bronson Bragg

About The Author: Bronson writes and plays for the Progressive Rock band Bes.He also writes a wide variety of music for personal development. Being a full-time musician, Bronson occasionally writes opinion pieces and articles on multiple platforms and websites.