Unsigned Ranking

Would you like to be on this list?

You need FOUR of the following:

-A full, completed, physical album (this will greatly improve your odds)

-1000 total followers on social media platforms

-A music video

-A finished website                                                                                                                                (Bandcamp counts as social media. Sorry, not sorry)

-Sign up to our mailing list

OUT with the old and IN with the new! Unsigned and local bands/artists ONLY. We LOVE new music and we want If we find out you are signed we will delete your reviews on this site. Each Review will be honest and will include a link to your social media platforms and website where other people can hear your music. This is not ReverbNation. This is real people giving you honest opinions. We will contact you with your noise ranking (which is subject to our opinion) before it can be posted. We are a small group of 10 music lovers with a WIDE variety of listening preferences. All genres are welcome and encouraged.

Exceptionally low ranking scores will not be posted. We are open-minded but let’s be real… if it isn’t up to our standards we are of no obligation to put it on our site. But we DO want you to keep improving.

Advice to low ranking scores: Keep working! Just because we didn’t enjoy it doesn’t mean other people won’t. Improve and try again! If you post again and we see the obvious improvement we will be more likely to share your work.

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